About Sviyazhsk Artel
"Sviyazhsk ARTel" is a site-specific theatre workshop held annually in July on the island of Sviyazhsk. The setting of Sviyazhsk island is always an integral part of the performances. The project is organised by "Zhivoy Gorod" Foundation with the support of the local Ministry of Culture and a number of partners.

The participants of the workshop are usually artists from Russia and Europe. Previous participants of Sviyazhsk ARTel workshops include: Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll), Massimo Furlan, prominent film directors Timur Bekmambetov, Elizaveta Stishova and Igor Voloshin, playwright Yaroslava Pulinovich, theatre directors Dmitry Volkostrelov, Vsevolod Lisovsky, Roman Feodori, actress Roza Hayrullina and many others.
"Zhivoy Gorod"
Previous participants of Sviyazhsk ARTel workshops include: Timur Bekmambetov, Roman Feodori, Massimo Furlan, Roza Hayrullina, Stefan Kaegi, Vsevolod Lisovsky, Yaroslava Pulinovich,Elizaveta Stishova, Dmitry Volkostrelov, Igor Voloshin and many others.
"Zhivoy Gorod"

Why does the region need this project, in our opinion?

— to decentralise culture in Russia;
— to contribute towards creating an attractive comfortable urban environment;
— to create new urban mythology.

Why is this workshop so important for theatre?

— it attempts to overcome the traditions and conventions of academic theatre;
— it explores new artistic language;
— it encourages co-creating and audience participation.
"Sviyazhsk ARTel": the place where the possibility of theatre is existent
Dmitry Volkostrelov, director
VII Theatre Workshop "Sviyazhsk ARTel"

16 — 26 July 2020, Sviyazhsk Island
Admission is free, registration required