About "Gorod ART-podgotovka"
"Gorod ART-podgotovka" is a theater workshop that has been held in Kazan since 2014. This is one of the largest annual theatre projects of the Republic of Tatarstan, during which several teams work on sketching performances and presenting them to the public in the most unexpected locations of the city: abandoned buildings, parks and squares, underground tunnels, hangars…

"ART-podgotovka" has it all: modern context, artistic courage, and the ability to organize a meeting of theatrical innovations with theatrical tradition
Andrey Pronin for BUSINESS Online
Project's Aims

  • collaboration of invited professionals and local novice directors, playwrights, actors and artists

  • expanding theatre boundaries

  • transforming the Russian "stage language" through the expansion of theatre into unexplored areas of the city

  • building new relationships with the city and understanding urban spaces
"Gorod ART-podgotovka" has created one of the best stage texts, written in Russian in recent years.
Dmitry Renansky for "Kommersant"
Join In
We often invite theatre directors, playwrights and stage designers to participate in this workshop, and we are open to new ideas and collaborations from all areas of the Arts. Since 2014, there have been collaborations between writers and Kazan locals, visual artists and documentary film directors, playwrights and researchers, choreographers and actors… It is truly a platform for experimentation and communication.

"Vremya Rosta Dereviev" by Sattarova and Durnenkov, 2017
VII Theatre Workshop "Gorod ART-podgotovka"

4 — 14 June 2020 Kazan
This year the workshop's theme is "Kazan Trough a Foreigner's Eyes".
Admission is free.